The Science Behind Rocketbody

We read EKG from the lead 1, with three electrodes, and the quality of our EKG is pure medical grade.

After that, our algorithms analyze the entire EKG signal.

This kind of analysis accurately provides the metabolic rate at a given point of time.

Afterwards, the information is combined with past readings into a curve of trend that shows the dynamics of metabolic change over time.

RocketBody’s algorithms then define the dependence of your metabolism on the input data (i.e. calories spent during workout and calories gained with food).

Knowing these dependencies, RocketBody can evaluate how all of the input data influences your supercompensation.

Artificial Intelligence in RocketBody

Neural networks, integrated into the RocketBody Personal Training App

  • Put your metabolic trend data together with other contributing factors.
  • Then, analyze the trend of your metabolic curve in real time, along with the trend of the ideal metabolic curve you would have if supercompensation occurred in every workout.
  • And finally, design a detailed set of exercises and a nutrition plan each day to ensure that you start every workout in a state of supercompensation.

This way, the RocketBody A.I. technology lets you keep the training schedule you are comfortable with while also achieving the highest possible results.

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