RocketBody App

We have developed our app, powered by AI technology, to help you train efficiently, eat right, and achieve all of your sports and fitness goals.

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Our patented algorithms utilize the EKG monitoring from the RocketBand tracker to calculate your body's metabolic rate and analyze its changes over time.


Set your personal fitness goals: whether that's burning fat, building muscle, or just staying in shape.
Our AI-powered personal trainer will help you reach your goals by training during peaks of supercompensation
the time when workouts are most effective for your body.

In the app you'll find workouts for both in and outside the gym, all designed to help you reach your goals quickly, and with plenty of variety to keep you from getting bored in the process.


Get a daily nutrition plan designed to be balanced and accurate. Input your favorite foods, and the app will calculate calories and macros. With advanced AI technology, the RocketBody app will build a unique nutrition plan customized to best fit you.


Your AI-powered personal trainer will provide daily support and recommendations for your training and nutrition, all designed to be relevant to your unique goals. These tips will help you stay in control of your training and progress.

Sleep and Stress

Coming soon!

With the RocketBody app you'll be able to track your sleep patterns, as well as stress levels, and see how both can influence your health. Following the recommendations of your AI personal trainer will help you significantly improve in both categories, and see the positive results!