RocketBand is the world's first personal wearable that tracks metabolic rate and identifies supercompensation™
the perfect time to train. It works no matter where you are, no sports medicine lab required. Save time and focus your training.


Industrial design

On its aluminum case, the tracker has three electrodes - two on the bottom to read the wrist, and one on top for the finger. There is a low power display, and capacitive touchscreen on the face.

What's inside

Inside the tracker is a nine-axis accelerometer to track your movement, an EKG sensor, and a 100mAh battery that can last up to 5 days on a single charge.

What else

The tracker can store up to 30 EKG records at a time, more than enough to keep going all day long.
All of these features are contained in a comfortable, sleek and stylish design. It's sure to become your new favorite accessory to aid your healthy lifestyle.