Smart Wearable Helps You Supercharge Your Fitness

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  • Made for everyone, a smart AI powered wearable takes your workouts to the next level with the help of superrcompensation.
  • Measures advance body readings like EKG, Metabolic Rate, Heart Rate (HR) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Workout efficiency,Nutrition quality and stress levels.
  • The perfect way to monitor your well-being, from how many calories you burn a day to how well you slept at night.
Real-time coaching - data analysis powered by AI
In the moments when recovery doesn't start on time or you are not in the best shape, AI personal trainer will give a rapid recommendation on how to influence the situation: take the needed supplements; decrease and increase workout load; what kind of rest to have right away OR to boost the rhythm - all this in order to not go astray even for a minute.
Daily Health Tips - custom built diet and workout plans
Get accurate and balanced nutrition plan every day. Just set your favorite dishes and the App will count necessary number of calories and PFC for you. Based on AI technology the App will build unique nutrition plan that best fits you.
Goal guidance - monitor your progress and set goals
Your goals: burn fat, build muscle or stay in shape. AI powered personal fitness trainer will help you understand your energy level and make right daily decisions on: selection of foods, sleep time, workout load and volume - all this for the fastest and healthy achievement of your goals.
Efficiency - Know exactly when the best time to train is
Analyzing your personal metabolic rate, RocketBody defines the supercompensation periods and builds personal recommendations on a workout plan, nutrition and daily regime. This way RocketBody keeps athletes more in-tune with their bodies and motivated to train at the right times, while helping them reach peak performance in every training session.
Wellbeing - Get body readings including sleep and stress
RocketBody analyses your heart rate (HR), heart rate variability (HRV), motions when sleeping and your energy level before/after sleep. All this most accurately defines the quality of your sleep and will provide recommendations on how to improve it. HRV and EKG will show and give a forecast for a coming stress and its strength - this will help you take the action needed to prevent getting into negative situation.
Products will be available for $99 on Launch. We will be launching in April 2018.
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